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Meshtastic and Device Drivers not available for Windows on ARM

meshtastic WindowsOnArm DeviceDrivers hardware Heltec V3
It’s kind of unfortunate, but I’ve run into a problem several times flashing Meshtastic devices using a Windows on ARM computer. It seems these drivers either don’t exist, or aren’t available for automatic download via Windows Update. My only solution so far as been to switch to a Windows device running on x86_64. Update: I’ve found a solution for at least the Heltec V3. I’d been relying on the instructions from Meshtastic and experience with the LilyGo T-Deck. Read more...

Digital life organization

health intention permacomputing retrocomputing enshittification privacy security
Equipment declutter Things that no longer serve me do not deserve space in my life. They should serve others or be recycled. Clearing the data off of equipment to be retired is easier when that equipement is newer. Allowing old batteries to age in place benefits no one. Digital declutter Holding data represents risk and reward. Holding data I no longer need represents risk without reward. Online footprint Accounts that are not in use represent a risk and are likely to be taken over. Read more...
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